Spanning Time

Crossing Space

Beyond the ordinary encounter.


DECADE is a synonym of time, but also a very long time span.

在牛津詞典里,DECADE的釋義是十年。但對于DECADE CAFE的兩位主理人而言,DECADE不僅是十年,更是一段過程,是這段人生中經歷過的所有美好與浪漫。跨越了時間和空間的遇見,在TA與TA之間,他們與咖啡之間,DECADE CAFE見證了一份執著的愛情,并用十年的時間去打磨、沉淀,將咖啡文化做到匠心的極致。

In the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of DECAD is ten years.But for the two principals of DECADE CAFE, Decade is not only a decade, but also a process, which is all the beauty and romance that they have experienced in their lives.Across the time and space to meet, between TA and TA, between them and coffee, DECADE CAFE witnessed a persistent love, and with ten years to polish, precipitation, coffee culture to the extreme of ingenuity.

在城市快速發展的外衣下,人們善于躲進鋼筋水泥的建筑中,試圖在混凝土的包裹中獲得心理上的安全感。這家由天津觸覺設計傾心打造的DECADE CAFE作為天津首家以樂評、音樂文化及時尚周邊產品為主的咖啡館倡導慢下來的生活方式。試圖在當下浮躁且快速的快餐式生活里,描繪安放理想與柔軟心靈的島嶼。

Under the cloak of rapid urban development, people are good at hiding in reinforced concrete buildings, trying to obtain psychological security in concrete parcels.This DECADE CAFE, created by touch design, is the first coffee shop in Tianjin to advocate a slow lifestyle with music criticism, music culture and timely products.It tries to depict the island of ideals and soft hearts in the impetuous and fast fast-food life.

DECADE CAFE位于天津市赤峰道93號,毗鄰天津最繁華的濱江道商業街,依偎在無比靜謐的林蔭小街上。白色與橙色的水磨石的標志性門面,咖啡+樂評的獨特組合,讓這家咖啡館瞬間爆紅,在開業不久便登上了天津咖啡館TOP1的寶座。以經典且純凈的白橙色水磨石作為整體的視覺輸出焦點,通過大扇玻璃櫥窗及定制款白色極簡門創造簡潔且通透的效果,為狹長的空間引入充沛的光線,同時可以初窺內部的空間層次。

DECADE CAFE is located at No. 93 Chifeng Road, Tianjin, adjacent to the most prosperous Binjiang Road Commercial Street in Tianjin, nestled in the very quiet treelined street.The landmark facade of white and orange terrazzo,the unique combination of coffee and music reviews, made the cafe an instant hit and soon ascended the throne of Tianjin Cafe TOP1.With the classic and pure whiteorange terrazzo as the overall visual output focus, through the large glass window and custom white minimalist doors to create a simple and transparent effect, for the long and narrow space to introduce abundant light, while you can get a first glimpse of the internal space level.


Linear lighting inlaid in a circle of terrazzo is the most striking entrance sign of the cafe.From the outside to the inside, the entrance surrounded by linear lights seems to be an extension of some kind of consciousness, like entering a time tunnel, constantly passing through 10 years ago and 10 years later.The door is designed as a square circle of white and orange interwoven terrazzo, which is spread out on both sides and surrounded by the walls of the old city on both sides, like a new fireworks embedded in the old ribbon, and like a postcard of great foreign style.Many people tell us that DECADE is very beautiful after nightfall, illuminating the whole Chifeng Road.The warm whiteorange terrazzo, with the striking linearstrip of lights, is as simple, pure and competent as an illustration in a street.So that the shop from the surrounding complex environment away from the stand out.


Attracted, so close, so amazing, it is like a transparent sea like Zakynthos jelly, seemingly shallow, but in fact farreaching.Limited by the hardware of the house, when we designed the original intention, we constantly thought about how to make such a deep and long, dimly lit streetside shop a clear stream in the coffee industry, so that our design can be valued and maximize the profits of the two clients in the shop.For this reason, we have retained part of the old top and painted it white, which gradually allows customers to enter the core area of the cafe, and at the same time adds a sense of love and ritual to the coffee.In the area of about 60 square meters of space, through the design of the original space to eliminate the sense of constraint, but let it become a little interesting.

很多人說觸覺設計的這家咖啡館就像是一個等待音樂和咖啡愛好者開啟的寶藏。DECADE CAFE的主理人之一丁先生收藏了近3萬多張老唱片和各種珍稀的唱片海報,他開玩笑和我們說,如果全部出售可以換一棟別墅。因此,我們希望通過設計來融合咖啡與文化、與藝術、與音樂,用這樣一個別致的禮物來承載兩位委托人的夢想。

Many people say thatthe this cafeis like a treasure waiting for music and coffe lovers to open. Mr.Ding, one of the principals of DECADE CAFE, has collected more than 30000 old records and various rare record posters, he joked with us which can be changed into a villa if all of them are sold.Therefore, we hope to integrate coffee and culture, art and music through design, with such a unique gift to carry the dreams of two clients.


The left and right sides of the glass door entrance are designed to display old records on the wall, which highlights the owner’s taste and also reflects the theme culture of the cafe’s music review.Next to the door, the sculpture holds a tray, which holds customized coffee cups and surroundingproducts,highlights the theme culture of the coffee shop.As a transition between the indoor and outdoor conversion of the sunken space and the entrance space, the second linear light separates the open and wrapped space, redefining the relationship between the interior of the space.


Mirrored stainless steel cleverly hides the storage area and forms a visual widening, dispersing the narrow sense of space, plus a circle of symbolic linear lights to form its own architectural language.People shuttle in it, without the slightest sense of awkwardness, in the span of space to open the artistic journey of records and coffee.


The fairfaced concrete chandelier, pure white long table and acrylic blue seat echo the overall style, highlighting the modern and advanced sense.It smoothes the anxiety of the heart and brings people a peaceful experience.The single passenger area is separated from the multiperson card seat by the aisle, and the limited space is reasonably arranged while ensuring noninterference.The terrazzo chandelier with metal texture once again gives the soul of the space, concrete, terrazzo, metal and other materials with soft and eyecatching linear lamp belt design, creating a warm, private, amazing atmosphere.Seats face the wall, so that single cusomers can come to the store to maximize the immersion in personal thinking.


Dessert cabinet and bar show completely transparent state, grinding, extraction, coffee form and production process at a glance.Concise and delicate, with a lowkey attitude foil products, so that people focus on the visual focus on coffee and desserts.It deduces a very pure modernist style.

在時間和空間無限延長的維度,DECADE的釋義不再是簡短的「十年」,而是被賦予了更多美好的含義。在充滿戒備與疏離的都市里,音樂、咖啡、藝術、閱讀,共同在這段DECADE里相互融合,發生反應,形成了一種全新的形態,最終描繪了人們心中寄托美好與浪漫的烏托邦。獨特的品牌運營模式和觸覺設計的匠心之作加持下,讓DECADE CAFE成為了天津咖啡界的一枚新星。

In the dimension of infinite extension of time and space, the interpretation of DECADE is no longer a short “DECADE”, but is endowed with more beautiful meanings.In the city full of guard and alienation, music, coffee, art and reading merge and react together in this decade, forming a new form, and ultimately depicting the utopia of beauty and romance in people’s hearts.With the unique brand operation mode and the ingenious works of Touch design,DECADE CAFE has emerged as a young star in tianjin’s coffee scene.




項目名稱:Decade the love









Project Name: Decade the love

Project Location: Tianjin

Project Area: 60 ㎡

Project Type: Commercial Space

Project Design: Touch design

Design Director: Zhang Yong

Project Construction: Touch Engineering

Material Applications: Terrazzo, Linear Lighting, Stainless Steel, Latex Paint,Custom Iron Parts

Photographer: Kou Yuhua